Aid for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Prior launching our efforts inside Syria, Mercy-USA had been assisting Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon since June 2011. Currently, Mercy-USA is assisting refugees in Wadi Khalid an already impoverished area of Lebanon. According to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, on August 25th, 2014 there were nearly 3 million registered Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.


Health Services for Syrian Refugees and their Lebanese Hosts

Wadi Khalid is an already impoverished region of Lebanon bordering Syria reeling with an influx of thousands of Syrian refugees. The region lacked modern or adequate medical services, and the refugee crisis has strained the Wadi Kalid health service infrastructure beyond its capacity. Mercy-USA has several initiatives on the ground addressing this serious threat to the refugee and their host families’ health and well-being of the overall community. Through these projects Mercy-USA has provided health services to over 16,000 Syrian refugees, more than 350 Syrian children have been vaccinated and over 150 surgeries have been performed.

WadiKhalidMClinicInsideMobile Health Clinic Since February 2012, Mercy-USA has funded a mobile clinic operated by Makassed Charitable Organization that travels four days per week to villages in Wadi Khalid where local families are hosting Syrian refugees. This modern mobile clinic provides disease-preventing vaccines, pre- and post-natal care, and regular medical exams.

Stationary Medical Clinic In the Lebanese region of Wadi Khalid, the closest hospital is a 30-minute drive away on poorly maintained roads. Mercy-USA has repaired and rehabilitating the brick and mortar health clinic serving the Wadi Khalid region. By modernizing and improving this permanent clinic, operated by Makassed Charitable Organization, the local Wadi Khalid and Syrian refugee population now has better access sorely needed basic emergency health services.

wadikhalidambulanceAmbulance Services Wadi Khalid is an impoverished region of Lebanon, lacking strong infrastructure, motorcycles are the common form of transportation for entire families. When someone needed emergency medical transportation it was often a perilous journey to even reach a modest health clinic. Mercy-USA has purchased an ambulance to serve the villages of Wadi Khalid, providing comprehensive and emergency transportation and medical services.

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