Aleppo Field Team Manager Chronicles Her Life Under Siege

zeinraaZein alSham has worked for Mercy-USA tirelessly and with extreme passion and concern for the most needy families in Aleppo. Despite being asked to evacuate last summer, Zein stayed behind with three of our other team leaders to make sure our humanitarian aid projects would be implemented to the desperate families. The worst happened and they were trapped in besieged Aleppo.
Last month, living under seige, Zein began making video diaries for NBC News in the hopes that her weekly observations would help the world understand the harsh difficulties everyone in E. Aleppo was enduring.

December 16, 2016, she and two of our colleagues with their families were able to escape before the evacuations were stopped a third time. We are praying for the wellbeing of all who are still trapped in this nightmare including our last team leader who is caught in a regime controlled neighborhood.

Now that Zein is safely out of the besieged city we feel sharing all her videos will not compromise her safety. Click on the links below to view each short video diary.

“Meet Zein”

“This is the Worst Bombing I’ve Witnessed”

“We Don’t Deserve All This Death”

“Can it Be True We’re Going to Live?”

Our thoughts and prayers are for all those families, particularly the children, we’ve been working to help in Aleppo see an end to this catastrophe. Please help us continue the vital work we do in Syria.


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