This Eid, Make Your Sacrifice a Blessing for Children and Their Families in Need.


KenyaBoy4WebEach year, parents we talk to while distributing your Eid Qurbani/Udhia gift express gratitude with words like, “Now my children will have meat after such a long time.” There’s joy and relief in that at least this day, no matter how tough their life has become due to war, drought or other personal calamity their children will enjoy that which we often take for granted.

Your gift to Mercy-USA for Aid and Development allows us to have an Eid Qurbani/Udhia performed for you and distributed to those in extreme need—the thousands of hungry children and their families in Syria, Somalia, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Albania, Bosnia, India and the United States, as well as to Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.

Since 1988, Mercy-USA has provided meat produced from approximately 43,000 Qurbanis to over one million persons in need worldwide.

We will be performing Zabihas in the following countries:

Somalia – $85

Kenya – $90

Albania – $115

India –$140

Syria or Lebanon (including Palestinian Refugees) – $150

Bosnia – $160

USA – $170

Indonesia – $230

You can calculate your Zakat (for USA) and (for Canada) and give securely online here. If you’d prefer, you’re welcome to give us a call at 800-556-3729 and we can take your contribution over the telephone.

Thank you for sharing the joy of Eid with needy families!


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