Urgent Emergency Relief for Aleppo, Syria

DECEMBER 7, 2016

70% of Aleppo has fallen to Regime control including the neighborhood where Mercy-USA has its office and health clinic.

During the weekend of December 3rd, 2016 our four remaining field team members attempted to distribute our last food baskets and emergency rations to families but before all could be distributed, the neighborhood fell under attack and our staff had to abandon the warehouse to flee to an undisclosed area. The remaining food stores are under Regime control and we hope that the food will end up in the mouths of the needy and starving in Aleppo.

So far, the Syrian Regime has not considered the humanitarian aid workers neutral actors and if caught, they are being arrested. On December 6, one of our dedicated field team members was shot by sniper fire and his status is still unknown.

Our Aleppo health clinic is closed, and we expect it to be a complete loss. We will be implementing another health project outside of Aleppo in the very near future; we will update our supporters as soon as details become available. We are praying for a miracle for the innocent families trapped in this nightmare.

We are praying for the lives of our remaining field team members who chose to stay in Aleppo to help and then became trapped. The last word from them is that they are sheltering in place with their families waiting for a safe evacuation of civilians and aid workers.

Our work continues inside Syria. We have not abandoned the families who are displaced and living in serious need outside of Aleppo. We are distributing stoves and eco-fuel right now to internally displaced families inside Syria. Our four-year ongoing food basket distribution project will now be expanded to include more households in newly assessed areas of northern Syria.


Please send your thoughts and prayers to the thousands of people trapped and suffering in Aleppo and give generously to support our work in Syria.


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