Harrowing Firsthand Account of Aleppo Under Siege


Zein, before the current horrific siege as she delivered a Mercy-USA food basket to a deserving woman in Aleppo.


Zein’s neighborhood where her family feared she had been killed.

Our field team manager, Zein is a 26 year-old single woman who, before the war began, was a teacher in graduate school studying for an advanced degree. She is on the front line of Aleppo’s humanitarian work, supervising the distribution and rationing of our remaining food stores and tending to the needs of the children and their families who are trapped in Aleppo.


She sent us this note from the 27th of September:

“I heard a missile fall near my brother’s apartment building, so I ran quickly to make sure my family wasn’t in the rubble. Thank God the missile had not struck the building but I found my mother hysterical with fear.
As I walked back to my apartment, a bunker-buster bomb struck nearby; shrapnel and rubble surrounded me and the dust was so thick I couldn’t see where I was. I was certain I was going to die as I made my way toward the Field hospital— still not able to see a thing. There was death all around me, as well as severely injured people. The White Helmets told me there were still four people trapped in the rubble of the building so I worked for several hours to help free the injured. When I finally returned to my family’s apartment I discovered they had been frantic with worry since the phone network had gone down again and they assumed I was one of the dead in the bunker-buster bomb attack. In the chaos, I had forgotten about them. I will never forget the panic and fear my family experienced those hours thinking I was dead. Sadly, this story can be repeated every day now in Aleppo. We feel death is near and we’re just counting the days.”

We are praying for her, and all of our field team members who have been living in extreme danger while doing this extraordinary humanitarian work. 


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