Mercy-USA Calls for End of Siege on Aleppo


Mercy-USA Implores the International Community to Work for End of Siege on Aleppo, Syria

July 21, 2016

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development reports that an unparalleled humanitarian crisis is in the making for the residents of Aleppo, Syria. The last road into Aleppo for humanitarian aid, Castello Road, is now totally obstructed due to severe fighting. Food convoys and medical aid can no longer safely cross into Aleppo. Without safe passage on this road, humanitarian organization convoys can’t help the more than 300,000 remaining residents who are extremely reliant on humanitarian aid for survival. The impassable road means the city’s inhabitants can’t evacuate to other, relatively safer regions.

Earlier this year Mercy-USA placed strategic stockpiles of food in Aleppo that will be rationed and distributed by our own local field team sheltering in place if Castello Road does not open. Our medical clinic is suffering from heavy shelling and has had to temporarily close for the safety of the mothers, babies and children we serve in that location. Mercy-USA CEO, Umar al-Qadi says, “despite any suspension of activities in our clinic due to shelling, babies will still be born, mothers and their children will still get sick and need our doctors; to that end, we are urgently looking to find another location to move our medical equipment and supplies. Our doctors must continue to care for the community in need.”

Mercy-USA entreats the international community to intervene with a resolution to this unprecedented humanitarian calamity in Aleppo. Children, the most innocent victims in this crisis need a solution now.

For media inquiries, please contact Mercy-USA’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Kari Ansari at 703-628-0260