Mercy-USA Opens New Primary Health Clinic in Idlib, Syria

Despite severe security risks, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is committed to bringing healthcare to the most vulnerable in Idlib, Syria.


After multiple bombings and relocations, our Aleppo health clinic was forced to close in December, 2016 when the city fell and thousands, including our own field staff, had to flee to other parts of northern Syria. Because more than half of Syria’s health facilities are no longer functioning, we immediately got to work and secured and renovated a large building, hired professional medical staff and opened the doors to our new Primary Health Clinic in three short months. Much larger and more comprehensive than our clinic in Aleppo, this primary health clinic in Idlib province serves the needs of a population of at least 30,000 people—many of whom have not had access to health care for years.
ClinicCollageWe are offering pediatric care, adult care plus pre-and post-natal care for new mothers. It’s estimated that one in four children in Syria are at risk of developing mental health disorders. Those who survived the siege of Aleppo are especially vulnerable to psychological trauma. Mental health is as important as physical wellness, so Mercy-USA is also offering psycho-social support with a trained practitioner who will give counseling and support to families who need help coping with six years of war.

Psychological  Support for Children and Adults Impacted by Six Years of Devastating War


Their pretty pink dresses don’t hide the calamity they’ve witnessed. Malak, Fatema and Tasnim (seated below, left to right), who lost their father in 2013, were some of our first patients at the new Mercy-USA Primary Health Clinic. Their mother told us that the little girls have witnessed multiple airstrikes including one that hit their school. Little Tasnim has been suffering from nyctophobia (extreme fear of darkness) as a result. All three girls are now registered in our psycho-social support program and will get the help they need to overcome the trauma they have experienced.

Mercy-USA’s Primary Healthcare Clinic is one of the best ways to tell the Syrian people they are loved and not forgotten.

The new Mercy-USA Primary Health Clinic relies on private donor support to keep its doors open. This facility and the dedicated medical staff are serving the severely neglected healthcare needs of an extremely vulnerable population. Thousands of Syrians have been suffering without medical care for years until now, but thanks to donors like you, we’re changing that terrible fact of war.

Please join us and donate your message of love.


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