Michigan Community Sends Warm Clothes to Syria and Receives the Smiles of Children in Return.



Abdullah, just six years old sits in his Aleppo neighborhood that has been all but destroyed. He and his family no longer have a home since it was destroyed in an air attack. Our field worker, Abdulrahman, also an Aleppo resident took extra care to help Abdullah find much needed new and warmer clothes and shoes at our “Mercy Store” in one of our warehouses in the city.

AbdullahBadawiAbdulrahmanWe think that humanitarian aid should always feel like a warm hug instead of a grim handout to those in need. For the second year in a row, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development facilitated a shipment of new and very gently used clothing into Syria on behalf of the Michigan community. Dedicated volunteers in Michigan worked tirelessly last fall to collect, sort and pack an entire shipping container full of much needed clothing for Syria. We arranged the shipping for the container to Turkey and then trucked the clothing into Aleppo, Syria.Shopping

When the shipment arrived, despite a very dangerous security situation, our local field team sorted the clothing and set up one of our warehouses like a big clothing store, complete with racks, hangers and even shopping bags. This extra effort was worth it so that families could browse through the items like they would have done when shops were open and there was money to spend in the days before the war.

Boots TeddyBearWe love this project because it’s not hard to imagine the feelings of desperation a mother or father must have when tiny toes no longer fit into the last pair of shoes you could buy, or when so many layers of clothing aren’t enough to keep a little one warm without a jacket.
Setting up our store and inviting the families to “shop for free” was something that brought our team a great deal of satisfaction. Special thanks go to all the love and care given by the Michigan community.










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