Mother and Child Health Clinic in Aleppo, Syria

UPDATE: In the last few months our Mother and Child Health Clinic has suffered serious damage from bombings and shelling. After moving locations more than once, we have just reopened our clinic in a third location. Due to the extreme situation, our clinic is now not only serving the needs of mothers and their babies, but we’re helping anyone in the community who needs medical care. 

Three of the very few remaining physicians in Aleppo are on rotation in our clinic; the last remaining pediatrician works with us and we’re very grateful he is able to be there for the most urgent needs of children who come to us for help. 

Mercy-USA doctors are facing extreme risk in order to provide medical care to Syria’s most vulnerable.

Mercy-USA’s Doctors and Medical Support Staff are Providing Hope and Experienced Medical Care to the Most Vulnerable in Syria.

Mercy-USA, with 20 years of experience in managing mother and child health clinics in some of the world’s most dangerous war-zones, is operating our most ambitious privately funded mother and child health clinic in Aleppo, Syria, where the need is critical.


This initiative is privately funded by our donors so we ask that you give generously to this extremely vital project. We can’t do it without your support!


Despite Unspeakable Trauma, Life Continues on in Syria… 

Daily power outages, shelling and barrel bombs, water shut-offs, and severe food shortages are a fact of life for those left to survive it all in Aleppo, Syria today. Women are widowed, and children are made orphans, and despite it all, babies are being born every day giving hope to their parents that some day it will all be over.
Mercy-USA has opened a health clinic in one of the hardest hit areas of Aleppo to serve the needs of the most vulnerable of the population—mothers and their little children and babies.

MotherChildAtHome4Web(Above) Adham, three months old is held by his young mother. He needed a hernia operation which was performed free of charge at our pediatric  health center and he’s now gaining weight and thriving. Without the clinic, Adham’s mother would not have known where to turn; she and her husband just lost their home recently to a barrel bomb and are now relying on the kindness of friends and family to get by. They are relieved that the medical care mom and baby so desperately need is free and available to them now.

AhmadHammaniNewbornOrphan4Web(Above) Baby Ahmad is just six weeks old and lost his father to a barrel bomb just before he was born. Ahmad’s mother visits the Mercy-USA Mother and Child Health clinic regularly where they both receive free follow-up care, as well as food baskets, hygiene products and formula. 


Your help is needed to keep this vital Mother and Child Health Center open and running—for the most innocent of patients. Give securely online; or call to donate using your credit card:
1-800-55-MERCY (1-800-556-3729)

Donate_btnBaby Hind’s Story

Her parents were unable to afford the treatment plan for Baby Hind’s medical condition and so she became critically ill before her first birthday. Her family came to the Mercy-USA Mother and Child Health clinic for free medical treatment for Hind. She spent ten days in our clinic under the care of our pediatrician, and was discharged to the care of her family, well enough to look into our camera lens with bright eyes and hope for a healthy childhood.


Above. Baby Hind when she was admitted to Mercy-USA supported Mother and Child Health Clinic very sick. Below: Ten days later and just about well enough to go home, Hind’s eyes are bright and her parents are thankful to the doctor’s who cared for her free of charge thanks to donors like you.