Safe Water Challenge



Looking to make a difference in the world? Join the Safe Water Challenge and help bring clean water to Somalia.

How it works: To become a safe water advocate simply create a personal or team profile on Mercy-USA’s Safe Water Event page. You can then use this profile to raise funds for a well in Somalia. Safe Water Advocates can share their fundraising profiles with their community, friends and family to challenge them in raising the $3,500 necessary to construct a well for a community in Somalia. Thus far, donors have helped Mercy-USA build over 525 wells in Somalia, providing safe water to communities with a total population of over 600,000 people.

Join Mercy-USA and the Safe Water Challenge today to help us build more wells in Somalia and bring water to thousands!

Why does it matter? Mercy-USA brings safe water to thousands of Somalis every year, including Sadho—who was left as the single caregiver to her ten grandchildren after the loss of her husband and all four sons. Before Mercy-USA constructed a well in Sadho’s community, her only daughter Amina would go collect water from the well in the neighboring village, which was more than 6 miles away. “It was a very dangerous journey. One day, Amina was shot when coming from fetching water, leaving her disabled.” Since Amina could no longer make the treacherous journey, the chore was left to Sadho or the older children. Thanks to Mercy-USA’s Safe Water program Sadho’s family and her community now have safe access to clean drinking water. By joining the Safe Water Challenge you can bring safe access to clean water for families in Somalia.

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GraphicSmilingIn Somalia, safe access to clean water saves lives in more ways than one. When a village or an urban neighborhood lacks clean water, the following happens with regularity:

  • Babies and young children die from dehydration caused by waterborne diseases from contaminated water. 
  • Girls lose an education because they must spend half the day fetching water. 
  • Women are forced to leave their young children alone and unattended while they carry a 20-liter jerry can on their backs for miles.

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is making a big impact with clean, safe water in Somalia; since 1997, we’ve brought wells to a combined population of over half a million people!