Syria—What We’re Doing to Help

LittleWinterBoyBoxAccording to recent U.S. government reports, there are 12.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria’s borders; there are 7.6 million Internally Displaced Persons, and 4 million Syrians displaced in neighboring countries. 5.5 million children are affected by the crisis. [1]

The situation for the Syrian people becomes more desperate by the day as access to food, and medical services and supplies becomes scarce due to deadly armed conflict.

Since October 2012, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development’s Syrian relief workers have been providing food aid inside Syria. Currently, we are assisting 1,000 displaced and vulnerable families with monthly food baskets and infant formula in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

Monthly food plus iftar baskets being delivered at the beginning of Ramadan in Aleppo.

Monthly food baskets are delivered to a thousand households in Aleppo, Syria.

In addition to the reliable, monthly food distribution these families are relying on, Mercy-USA has also distributed seasonal aid in the form of winter clothing, mats, sleeping mattresses, blankets and Ramadan iftar food baskets.

MCHMercy-USA has opened a new Mother and Child Health Clinic in Aleppo. The clinic is serving the pre-natal and post-natal needs of pregnant women in this district and surrounding districts. Services provided include monthly exams by an OB/GYN, nutrition counseling and supplements, as well as birthing services and postpartum care.

The mothers’ newborns, infants and children under five are also seen at the clinic for routine pediatric care with special attention paid to the monitoring of their vaccination schedules and nutrition counseling. Read more here.

new-Soba-and-Pirena-58 After seeing the incidents of acute respiratory infections account for over half of the patient visits to our Aleppo clinic among infants and children under five this last year, Mercy-USA is installing stoves that will warm a family’s main sleeping room with sustainable, eco-friendly fuel. Read more about this new, innovative bio-fuel that is made from the waste of the olive oil process in Turkey here.
We’ll be delivering four months’ supply of Prina-fuel so that babies and children will be warm through the coldest winter nights. We hope we can alleviate some of the misery and illness that has been plaguing families, especially children each winter since this crisis began, with the added benefit of introducing a better fuel to the community.


On Eid al Fitr last year, Mercy-USA distributed sweets and toys to all the children in families we serve and held parties with singing and laughter to offer a sorely needed break from the violence of their every day life in Syria.

The duties Mercy-USA local aid workers perform are not without risk while distributing this vital food aid in what has essentially become a war zone. Your contribution to this program not only helps the displaced aid recipients, the local aid workers and their families, as well as helping to sustain to the devastated local economy with gainful employment.

Donate_btnYour generous charitable gift supports Mercy-USA’s work in Syria. Give securely online; or call to donate using your credit card: 1-800-55-MERCY (1-800-556-3729)


[1] USAID, Syria – Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #7, Fiscal year (FY)2015, August 4, 2015