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UPDATE: Mercy-USA Projects in Aleppo 12/7/2016

UPDATE DECEMBER 7, 2016 70% of Aleppo has fallen to Regime control including the neighborhood where Mercy-USA has its office and health clinic. During the weekend of December 3rd, 2016 our four remaining field team members attempted to distribute our last food baskets and emergency rations to families but before all could be distributed, the […]

Harrowing Firsthand Account of Aleppo Under Siege

Our field team manager, Zein is a 26 year-old single woman who, before the war began, was a teacher in graduate school studying for an advanced degree. She is on the front line of Aleppo’s humanitarian work, supervising the distribution and rationing of our remaining food stores and tending to the needs of the children […]

Meat, When There Was None in Aleppo

Mercy-USA distributed 55,000 pounds of lamb to over 6,500 severely needy families in and around Aleppo, Syria at the beginning of December, 2015. There’s nothing much left in many parts of Aleppo, and yet families with small children are somehow surviving there with your help.

Syria: Age-Old Traditions bring New-Age Solutions

On the southern tip of Turkey there’s a verdant valley named Altınözü. Among the rolling hills and olive trees as far as the eye can see, humanity and cooperation is heard in beautiful tones of Turkish and Arabic. This agricultural region is also home to a Syrian refugee camp sheltering more than thirteen hundred refugees […]

Ameenah’s Story

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has been providing humanitarian food and medical relief to Syrian families inside Syria since 2012. Our local field teams work directly with internally displaced Syrians who speak of extreme loss and chaos. As Europe deals with the Syrian refugee crisis, there are children and families left behind in Syria unable […]