Bosnia and Herzegovina

Still recovering from the war that ended almost two decades ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the struggle with a poor economy and the devastating legacy of war has left many Bosnians without a clear vision for a better future. According the latest report from the World Bank, Bosnia and Herzegovina has cripplingly high unemployment, especially among young people; the current unemployment rate among 15-24 year olds is a staggering 47%. These numbers signal that the current labor market is offering few opportunities for secondary school graduates to find employment. Yet, the same report states that, “83% of firms have an unfilled need for workers, citing a lack of supply of qualified applicants as the reason for unfilled positions.”[1] Mercy-USA has been in the country working specifically with orphaned youth and at-risk teens and young adults to help them develop skills to take them into gainful employment with a future for a better life.

BosniaAgronomicAgricultural development is crucial when discussing the alleviation of poverty amongst a substantial share of Bosnians in rural areas of the country. Mercy-USA has been working to this end with a holistic Agricultural Education Center that is benefiting farmers, displaced Bosnians, and agriculture students with knowledge of modern and efficient farming techniques, plus the skills and seedlings necessary for family sustenance farms.

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[1] Source: USAID/Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2012-2016; January 2012