Zakat ul-Mal Calculation (USA)

Zakat ul-Mal Calculation

(For lines 1 – 8 below, enter 0 if you possessed the asset for less than one complete lunar year.)

1)________ Cash on hand and in bank 1)________

2)________ Gold and silver (coins, bars, jewelry1, etc.

3)________  Non-delinquent loans (money you loaned to others and expect to be repaid

4)________  Shares of stock 

5)________ Loans (money you borrowed for business purposes

6)________ Business inventory, (market value of inventory items at the Zakat due date

7)________ Real estate (designated for sale

8)________ Net profits from business 

Total amount —add lines 1-8.
9)________ (Enter 0 if amount is less than nisab2

$________ Zakat due = (total on line 9) X (0.025) 

1Jewelry is not subject to Zakat unless its amount is excessive or is for business purposes.
2 Nisab is 3 ounces of pure gold valued at approximately 
$4,020 as of August 24, 2016.