Your Zakat Tells Children Around the World They’re Loved and Not Forgotten

RamadanBanner2016Since 1988, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has been providing humanitarian relief and development to children and their families where the need is greatest. We focus on bringing lasting and reliable help to people in some of the most dangerous parts of today’s world. Your zakat provides consistent food aid and health care in Syria, clean and safe water in Somalia, education in Bosnia, Albania, Gaza, Indonesia, Lebanon, and other long term development projects around the world.

When you donate your zakat to Mercy-USA, it provides food, healthcare, safe water, education and agricultural development to people in need around the world in the most efficient manner possible.


Boushra’s Ramadan Story

Boushra4WebLast month, Mercy-USA distributed food baskets in Syria near Aleppo at a makeshift camp and our field team leader met little five-year-old Boushra. She asked if we could help her find her mother. When asked who was caring for her, she said, “my Mama, but she’s really my Grandma.” When asked what happened she said, “I don’t know but I remember there were many planes in the sky, strange sounds, fire and dust everywhere. I was so scared.”

She told us after that day she never found her mother, “They said she died. I don’t know what this means. I want to go to her; can you help me, please?” While she spoke like someone much older than five, it was clear she is too young to understand the meaning of her circumstances. As we helped her grandmother with a food basket that day this little darling told us she had learned Surat Al Akhlas and recited it for us here…

Your zakat during this blessed month will help children and their families in Syria and around the world. 

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Reminder: Your Zakat ul-Fitr at $10 per family member is due before the Eid prayer.

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