Children in Syria and Lebanon are Freezing

Children in Syria and Lebanon are at severe risk this winter.

We need to help them now.

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is providing winter clothes for children in Syria and Lebanon. We’re also bringing our successful olive pit fuel program to Lebanon.

In Syria, ten years of conflict have left the most vulnerable population in an ever worsening state.  When asked how they ended up living in a tent encampment, the majority of families we serve will say, “our village was targeted by airstrikes and we fled with only the clothes on our backs.” No warm coats, boots and socks or mittens for tiny cold hands–just whatever they were wearing at that dreadful moment they ran for their lives. The situation has deteriorated so much that widowed women are working as farm labor for 10 to 15 cents an hour. Immediate needs such as rent and food take priority over winter clothing.

In Lebanon, the financial crisis there has created a perfect storm for poor host families and Syrian refugee families in Wadi Khaled, Lebanon–one of the poorest parts of the country. Food prices have increased by a whopping 527%. One mother told us, “Winter clothes? We have none, I just dress the children in everything we have.” But how many layers of t-shirts will keep a child warm when the snow flies in this mountain valley? When families are financially desperate, as they are in Lebanon, they resort to burning anything to stay warm overnight. Entire families never wake up the next morning after being poisoned by carbon monoxide created by the use of improper fuels and unventilated fires. With your help we can provide families with a winter’s worth of safe-burning eco-fuel made from olive pits.

Mercy-USA winter clothing kits include one pair of boots, a warm winter coat, one pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, one set of thermal underwear, a winter hat, a pair of socks and a winter scarf for children, the elderly or adults with disabilities.


Just $60 will outfit a child in Wadi Khaled, Lebanon with everything they need to stay warm this winter when overnight temps will dip below freezing and winter snow is not uncommon.

Together, we can make sure families in Syria have warm clothing during the winter. Your donation of $160 can outfit a family with four children for the winter this year.

An entire winter’s worth of safe-to-burn bio-fuel for a poor family in Lebanon comes with a donation of $300.

A gift of any amount will help alleviate suffering this winter in Syria and Lebanon!