COVID-19 Response

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, known as WASH in the world of humanitarian relief has been a priority in Mercy-USA’s work since its beginning. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this outreach more urgent and currently our offices worldwide are ramping up response in an effort to protect the vulnerable populations we serve. This response begins with our own field teams as they practice social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing their work places.
Protecting already health compromised refugees, internally displaced persons and the needy­—all for whom everyday sanitation, access to clean water, and the ability to practice social distancing may be virtually impossible—our teams are doing everything they can to mitigate the spread of the disease through numerous measures such as awareness campaigns, hygiene promotion and various efforts determined by need. 

Our first response includes the following:

  • Protecting our field staff so that they are able to continue to deliver vital relief to vulnerable families as well as preventing the spread of the virus

  • Providing pamphlets and posters translated into the local language that explain how the COVID-19 virus is spread and how families can protect themselves and their neighbors.

  • Providing hand washing stations in IDP camps and at our health facilities

  • Distribution of hygiene kits to vulnerable communities

  • Checking for fever at food distribution points and enforcing physical distance between beneficiaries

  • Providing hand washing stations in IDP camps

  • Screening tent for COVID-19 in front of our stationary health clinic in Idlib province, Syria

  • Providing new medical equipment to the government hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon 

It’s an ALL HANDS ON DECK moment for our supporters. We need your help to keep up with the fight against COVID-19.