Donate Your Eid Udhia/Qurbani for a Family in Extreme Need

This Has Been a Very Bad Year for the Poor-Your Gift of Eid Udhia/Qurbani is Needed More than Ever.

Feeding a family is even more difficult this year for those living in poverty. Families are experiencing serious food insecurity due to the effects from the war in Ukraine compounded by the suffering from drought and floods caused by climate change. Plus, the problems brought on by the worldwide pandemic are still causing food shortages. Can it get any worse? Sadly, yes. However, you can help. Make your sacrifice a blessing for a needy family in  these 12 countries :

Somalia, Kenya or Ethiopia $115 – Goat ($145 CAD)


Yemen $120 – Sheep ($150 CAD) 

Pakistan $125 – Share of Cow ($155 CAD)


Lebanon (includes Palestinian and Syrian Refugees)  $140 – Goat ($175 CAD)


Albania or Bosnia $195 -Sheep ($245 CAD) 


Syria -$220 Sheep ($275 CAD) 


Indonesia -$240 Share of Cow ($300 CAD) 


Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh -$250 Share of Cow ($315CAD) 


United States -$295 – Sheep 


A gift of fresh meat is a luxury many families can seldom afford. It’s hard to imagine, but many families rely solely on charitable giving for survival. Your Eid Qurbani/Udhia gift on the behalf of a needy family will benefit not only you as a Believer, but the sacrifice you give will tell these families that they are loved and not forgotten.