Help Build Better Futures With Your Zakat

Your Zakat is used to improve the lives of children and their families so that they can overcome the effects of poverty, climate change, natural and man-made disasters and crises. There are no or few social safety nets for the people we serve around the world. Mercy-USA works with your Zakat to address some of these basic human needs.

Mercy-USA has been distributing your Zakat with care and integrity for 35 years.
More than 97% of donations to Mercy-USA go directly to the programs you designate. We are careful to keep our fundraising and management expenses at less than 3% of our total budget.

Food Aid
Mercy-USA distributes food aid to families struggling to survive due to war, as in Syria where our supporters and institutional partners have been making it possible to feed more than 250,000 people each month. Families struggling to keep their children fed in Yemen, Somalia and the Rohingya in Bangladesh are also benefiting from our food aid programs. In addition, we will be distributing iftar and fitra food baskets to families in 10 countries.


Clean Water 
Somalia is on the brink of a famine due to half a dozen failed rainy seasons. Traditional water sources have dried up due to this climate crisis. Since 1997, Mercy-USA has played a vital role in providing safe drinking water in Somalia, digging and repairing over 800 wells. This project is one of the best ways to give your Zakat or Sadaqah Jariyah. Each well for a community is $4,700. You can pay it in one lump sum, or spread out your payments throughout the year.



Mercy-USA provides free healthcare to children and their families in Somalia, Syria, Gaza and Lebanon. In Syria, we operate a stationary healthcare center and mobile medical clinics in IDP camps located far from other health facilities. Lebanon projects include a mobile medical unit and mobile rapid response teams for health and nutrition for Syrian refugees and their Lebanese host families. In Gaza, we offer mammograms and support for those with chronic illnesses. Our mother and child health programs in Somalia treat tens of thousands of patients each year providing pre- and post-natal care, as well as birthing services. We have nutrition centers around the country as well as numerous TB treatment centers.

Shelter & Winterization

Your Zakat can give a home to a family who has lost everything. Syrian families have been living in worn out tents waiting for an opportunity to have a safe and warm home. Now, we are also addressing the shelter needs of earthquake survivors in Syria. We also help families endure winter.



Mercy-USA supports education for children and young adults around the world. We stock public school libraries in Albania and Bosnia with new books each year. We have free after-school English and computer training in Albania and Bosnia. We support special needs students in Bosnia and support a school for the blind in Gaza.



Agriculture & Economic Development

The work of rebuilding communities after war or natural disasters requires years of focused dedication. Mercy-USA’s agriculture programs provide modern and innovative technical assistance plus the inputs and tools needed to start up, strengthen resiliency to climate change and improve yields. We support entrepreneurial enterprises to give opportunities.


Emergency Relief

When disasters like this year’s major earthquakes in Turkey or the devastating floods in Pakistan happen, Mercy-USA is at the ready to provide immediate and appropriate relief to those affected.



Your Zakat addresses basic human needs to help build better futures!