Helping kids stay safe at school from COVID-19

Pediatric Covid-19 cases surge in Detroit, Mercy-USA is working to stop the spread as children return to school.

As of the third week of August, 2021, Detroit had the highest percentage of pediatric cases of COVID-19 in Michigan, likely due to the Delta Variant. At the same time, in-person learning is back for children in Detroit Public Schools on September 7th. The school district has mandated masks for teachers, staff and students as the best way to keep everyone, particularly young, unvaccinated children safe from contracting the virus.
Mercy-USA is helping to keep kids in school safe and healthy by providing needy students with our traditional WeCare backpacks filled with school supplies plus vitally important extras such as five cloth masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, a stress ball and other tools to help the children adjust to a new normal in their school day.
In addition to these vital supplies, we’re providing colorful classroom posters to remind the children on how to protect their health. We’re giving the students a fun classroom activity to promote safe mask wearing. Plus, we have a friendly information flyer for caregivers at home on how to keep their children and household safe, including resources for encouraging and accessing the free COVID-19 vaccine near them.

Mercy-USA is proud to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus while supporting children’s education in some of the neediest parts of Detroit.

You can sponsor a student in need with a backpack filled with school supplies and PPE such as five cotton masks, disinfecting wipes and personal hand sanitizer for $25.00 per student. A teacher/classroom pack can be sponsored for $35.00 per classroom.
Help these vulnerable kids stay safe and healthy as they return to learning and growing in school with your donation of any amount!