Syria Humanitarian Crisis


More than 900,000 people have had to flee their homes since December, 2019 due to an escalation of hostilities in northern Syria.  Mercy-USA is on the ground now providing desperately needed shelter, food and medical care.


4 out of 5 are women and children


According to the United Nations, due to the “sharp escalation of hostilities in southern Idlib, at least 900,000 civilians have fled their homes since mid-December, and 4 out of 5 displaced are vulnerable women and children. This newest influx of families fleeing airstrikes and shelling has created an even more grim humanitarian crisis in northern Syria than one can imagine. The weather is freezing, and there is shrinking space for nearly 4 million people who have been displaced in recent months.

Almost 50,000 families living unsheltered in northwest Syria

UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Mark Lowcock reported, “almost 50,000 people are sheltering under trees or other open spaces, no where is safe…I am getting daily reports of babies and other young children dying in the cold. Imagine the grief of a parent who escaped a warzone with their child, only to watch that child freeze to death.” 


Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is on the ground distributing tents, blankets, mattresses, and food to these families. But the need is escalating and we can barely keep pace with sheer numbers of families desperate for shelter and food.

“There is nowhere to go”

The situation is horrific. Some of our senior field staff who have been with us since the war began are reporting worsening conditions in real time. One senior field team manager told us as he was preparing his family to evacuate Idlib, “This is worse than the siege on Aleppo because this time there is nowhere left for us to go.”

Can you help us? The scope of the humanitarian disaster is beyond what we’ve seen before and that’s saying a lot. This crisis is well beyond what we can do without a big push from our best supporters!

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Our team met Mohamed Habasho and his wife, parents of ten children, who had just arrived at a makeshift camp Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is serving. Their village came under attack and they had to run. Mohamed’s wife held her orphaned granddaughter while she tried to speak of what her family has endured. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development provided a new tent, a shelter kit and a food basket for the family in an effort to protect them from the elements and help the family survive, but there are thousands more just like them waiting for our help.