Emergency Relief for Syria

Since December 2017, approximately 350,000 Syrians have again been displaced in northern Syria—many of these families have been forced to flee a second or third time seeking safety from hostilities or bombings. Tens of thousands fled closer to the Turkish border, only to find horrific conditions due to overcrowding. Families are now finding themselves living with one or two more families in tents that were designed to accommodate only a family of five. Food is becoming more scarce as everyone has lost their livelihood. Medical facilities have been under threat of bombings and forced to close.

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has been working in Syria since 2012 providing humanitarian aid. Currently, we are delivering food aid, shelter, mobile medical care and winterization in northern Syria.

We also provide mobile medical care, shelter and food aid in Lebanon to Syrian Refugees.

Mercy-USA delivers consistent food aid to thousands of Syrians every month. We provide staple foods such as tuna, wheat, rice, oil, beans, pasta and more to last a month. Every month, the families we help tell us that this food is all that they have to keep them from starvation. 
Your gift of only $110 will provide a family in Syria enough food for one month.
In January 2018, our Primary Health Clinic in Idlib province was forced to close due to the advancement of Government of Syria forces to the area. Mercy-USA medical staff continues to operate mobile medical clinics offering health and nutrition services in the field. 
We’re distributing tent repair kits to help with tent homes that were designed to last only 12 months but have been in use for years now.

Families in Syria need you more than ever. Please help now.