Safe Access to Clean Water in Somalia

Here’s what happens in a village in Somalia when you sponsor a well to be built…


Women are empowered!

Last year we built a well in the village of Xafad-Somaal. Since then, the community has begun to blossom. The women have formed a social cooperative and planted paw-paw fruit trees around the well and keep them watered twice a day. The fast growing trees will provide nutritious produce for the village. 

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Children are healthy!

Hodhan’s Story

Mother of two and seven months pregnant, Hodhan told us that the well we built last year has made a tremendous difference for her and her family. “Pregnant or not, it was up to me to walk miles for water before the well. Often, the water was contaminated and my children got sick. When we could, we purchased water from a private well, but it was brackish and hardly fit to drink.” Diarrhea from contaminated water is one of the leading causes of malnutrition in Somalia. But, now with a well in her village, Hodhan gives her son, Mohammed sweet, clean water to keep him healthy and blooming with good health. Hodhan is part of a group who has planted paw-paw trees around their well. It’s a community project that empowers the women and will be a source of nourishment for their families that they own and tend together with pride and hope.


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A gift of a well to a community in Somalia has a long lasting positive impact on the lives of all–especially women and girls. A well means safety, time for self-improvement, schooling for girls and freedom from waterborne diseases. 

There are many ways you can help sponsor the establishment of a well in Somalia:

• Sponsor a well with a lump sum donation of $3,500 or spread out the payments over 12 or fewer months.

• Enlist friends or family to join you in funding a well in the name of a loved one, your community, school, or youth group. In fact, we have school-based programs and other ideas you can implement in your community. Just give us a call at 734-454-0011 for more information.

• Your gift of any amount will go toward safe water in Somalia.