Udhia/Qurbani Distributed for you in 10 countries.

Make Your Sacrifice a Blessing

For many poor families around the world, a gift of fresh meat is a luxury they seldom can afford. It’s hard to imagine, but in many places in the world, families rely solely on charitable giving for survival. Your Eid Qurbani/Udhia gift on the behalf of a needy family will benefit not only you as a Believer, but the sacrifice you give will tell these families that they are loved and not forgotten.





Albania – $135

Bosnia – $150

Indonesia – $240

Kenya – $115

(including Palestinian Refugees) – $225

Pakistan – $85

Somalia – $100

Syria– $190

USA– $185

Yemen – $135

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Smiles of Eid Joy can be yours to give.

Your gift to Mercy-USA for Aid and Development allows us to have an Eid Qurbani/Udhia performed for you and distributed to those in extreme need—the thousands of hungry children and their families around the world. Since 1988, Mercy-USA has provided meat produced from over 50,000 Qurbanis to approximately 1,150,000 persons in need worldwide.



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