Your Donation Goes Directly Where It’s Needed Most

We’ve been distributing your charitable donations for 31 years with integrity.

Mercy-USA has been providing humanitarian aid and sustainable development help to families around the world for 31 years. You can trust us with your gift, knowing that we’ll distribute it thoughtfully with complete integrity. Today, the most desperate are in places like Syria, where families have been forced to flee to makeshift camps—many of whom have had to resettle three or more times since the war began. In Somalia, families struggling to build a life have been decimated from years of war, and drought. We’re delivering monthly food baskets to starving families in Yemen.  Rohingya Refugees are living in squalid conditions in Bangladesh after fleeing genocide in Burma. We’re working on your behalf on the ground right now.  Every year, your donation enables us to provide food, healthcare, shelter, education and more to thousands around the world. Without your support, children in Albania, Bosnia, Pakistan and Somalia would have few opportunities to rise out of poverty due to poor schools and limited access to training. Blind children in Gaza wouldn’t dream of studying in mainstream schools like their sighted peers, but because you give your charitable donations to Mercy-USA, children have an even chance at education. From agricultural help around the world to support for Refugees here in the USA and abroad, our programs benefit children and their families in a thousand ways.

We need your help to continue building this positive impact.