Mercy-USA helps drought-stricken Somali families with water trucking, nutrition counseling and hygiene kits.

lostlivestockDue to the drought inducing El-Niño phenomenon in Somalia, the typical “short rains” of the season have not arrived for many parts of the country. Particularly hard-hit Somaliland region has seen devastating conditions this year after three back-to-back years of failed rains. The affected population includes internally displaced families who are suffering terribly with this newest disaster. Malnutrition is widespread and more than 80% of families have already lost most or all of their livestock. Largely pastoralist, these families rely on the health of their livestock to survive as it is their livelihood and if lost, so is their ability to feed their family.watertrucking

Mercy-USA is trucking in clean water to eight villages with more than 4,500 families. We’re also bringing hygiene kits and giving instructions on safer practices to prevent disease that come with drought conditions. We are conducting nutrition screening for children under five and helping families access necessary medical support for moderate and severe malnutrition if needed. We are also helping families with nutrition counseling to head off any future problems.nutritionscreening


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