Flash Floods Displace Tens of Thousands in Somalia

Families who have been devastated by four years of severe drought in Somalia are suffering from an ironic weather event. At the end of April, flash floods swept through parts of Somalia and washed away or flooded makeshift homes of families who had already been displaced after losing their livestock from drought.

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development’s field teams, already stationed in the regions hard hit by the floods were first responders as they helped families relocate to higher ground for safety.

Our teams then provided emergency medical response to prevent waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera by performing medical screenings, dispensing water purification tablets and other support.

Emergency household kits are being dispatched to families who lost their belongings and temporary shelters to the flooding in Somalia and areas affected in Kenya.






Zamzam Ibrahim, a mother of three, was living in a camp for Internally Displaced Persons in the Elwak District of Somalia. She told us, “We were almost swept away in the floods! Mercy-USA health workers were the first to respond to the families here. They helped me move my children and whatever food we could salvage to higher ground and have been helping with medical aid. I will never forget your support. I thank Mercy-USA for standing with us, there was little I could do without your help.”

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