Food Baskets for More than 250,000 in Syria

Mercy-USA has been distributing vital monthly food baskets in Northern Syria for seven years. We began our food distribution in Aleppo, serving the needs of poor families left behind in the city. In the last weeks before the fall of Aleppo, Mercy-USA was the only organization with food stocks left to distribute. We followed the evacuees out to the surrounding countryside and have expanded our reach to hundreds of thousands as the need for food has only increased.

Through generous grants and in partnership with the World Food Program, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the International Organization for Migration and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace we are serving approximately 250,000 people in northern Syria with monthly food baskets.
In addition to monthly food baskets, we’re also providing emergency ready to eat meals to newly displaced families thanks to support from USAID’s Office of Food for Peace.
Many families have told us that our food baskets are all that they have to survive each month.
A  donation of $110 will feed an entire family for a month in Syria. 

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