Hay al-Tanak Slum Relief

Hay Al-Tanak, the poorest area in Tripoli, is essentially a slum made of tin homes. These homes are completely neglected, unfinished, and lack electricity, fridges, stoves, ovens, and any heating or cooling. In March, 2022,  people told us that they had not had any meat for months and often have to choose between buying their medications or bringing in a little food so not to starve.

During the month of Ramadan, 2022,  Mercy-USA provided hot iftar meals to all the families there. Now we are helping them by rehabilitating their homes. The conditions in the slum are barely livable and very unsafe.  These improvements will provide safe and dignified living to this marginalized community.

In the coming months we will be replacing items like broken windows; fixing roofs, damaged pipes or latrines; installing doors where there are none, as well as installing solar water heaters where needed. We will install handrails wherever necessary to make it safe for disabled members of the community.
These rehabilitation efforts will ensure that the homes meet the minimum standards any human being should have to be protected from the elements, and provide security from the outside world. We want to make sure these families have a safe space to gather, privacy, adequate water and sanitation facilities.