In Syria, thousands of internally displaced families are living in tented shelters without the basics for survival.
Imagine spending the winter in a tent…
That’s the reality for thousands in Syria but for three years in a row, Mercy-USA has implemented an innovative program to help alleviate the misery of winter in a tent.

During the winter of 2017-2018 with the help of the United Nations and our donors, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development provided innovative eco-friendly winter heating fuel to approximately 4,000 Syrian families who are displaced from their homes living in rural informal camps and collective shelters in northern Syria.

This was the third year in a row we helped families in Syria stay warm where the winters are unbearable without a heating source. We were proud to provide families with a fuel source that helped the local Syrian economy, was good for the environment and better for the health and well-being of children and their families.  

A Circle of Warmth for Syria

Syrian olive farmers depend on a good harvest and a good price for their crop. If they press their own oil, they now have a market for the pulp by-product. Oil producers are doing the same, resulting in a positive impact for Northern Syria’s regional economy.
The waste that comes from olive oil production can now be manufactured into a cleaner burning bio-mass fuel which keeps mountains of olive skin and pit waste out of landfills.
In northern Syria, internally displaced families are living day-to-day in tented encampments and collective shelters without reliable access to basic services.
Families are often forced to burn trash, including toxic materials in order to boil drinking water, cook or stay warm in the winter. The fuel we distribute burns hotter and cleaner.










Tent homes in Syria stayed warmer with the fuel we distributed during the  winter. No more burning plastic or trash to stay warm.