Update: Due to an attack on humanitarian workers inside Yemen, our implementing partner, the Turkish Red Crescent has paused our food distributions for the immediate future.
We will provide updates on the resumption of distributions as soon as information is available.

Yemen Emergency Made Worse by the Pandemic

• Remittances from abroad that typically supported half of Yemen’s economy have shrunk by up to 70% due to COVID-19.

• The local currency has fallen to record lows.

• An estimated 17-19 million are in need of urgent help. •Food is 140% more expensive than before the conflict.

• Despite challenges, children are returning to school, but many lack basics needed to enter the classroom.

The Pandemic has caused Yemeni families to have even less money to feed their families or educate their children.

The war in Yemen has been raging since 2015. According to the World Food Program in February, 2020, “Despite ongoing humanitarian assistance, over 20 million Yemenis are food insecure, of which nearly 10 million are acutely food insecure.”
Mercy-USA is providing monthly food baskets for families in Yemen with our implementing partner, Turkish Red Crescent. Distributions are taking place in Marib, Aden, Hadramawt and Taiz. These distributions are helping locals in need as well as internally displaced persons from other areas like Sana’a, Hodeida, Hajjah, Amran, etc. You can feed a family for $120.

When money can’t be found for food, sending a child to school is even more difficult. Mercy-USA is providing backpacks filled with school supplies to kids returning to class in Yemen. Your donation of only $30 will provide one student all he or she needs to enter the classroom and learn.