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Join us in helping people help themselves with your charitable gift. Donations can be made securely online, or via mail, email and telephone

Donate Your Qurbani/Udhia

Donate Your Qurbani/Udhia

 Your gift to Mercy-USA for Aid and Development allows us to have an Eid Qurbani/Udhia performed for you and distributed to those in extreme need—the thousands of hungry children and their families around the world.

Smiles of Eid Joy Can Be Yours to Give. 


The need to help parents who are struggling to feed their children is becoming greater each year. Your Udhia/Qurbani will bring relief and nutrition to children and their families.

Most families Mercy-USA provides your Qurbani/Udhia gift to solely on charitable giving for survival. This yearly gift of fresh meat is one that these families look forward to and we can’t let them down. Your Eid Qurbani/Udhia gift on the behalf of a needy family will benefit not only you as a Believer, but the sacrifice you give will tell these families that they are loved and not forgotten.

Since 1988, Mercy-USA has provided meat produced from about 58,000 Qurbanis to over 1,300,000 persons in need worldwide.


We Can’t Disappoint Families in Need.
Please Donate Your Qurbani/Udhia This Year.