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Albania Projects

Our work in Albania focuses on supporting children’s education and sustainable agricultural projects.
How We Help:




Map of Europe with Albania in yellow

Computer Training, English Instruction & Mentorship

Since January 2009, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has been providing three-month computer office software and English language training courses to orphans in Albania.


Read to Succeed

As Albania emerges from the legacy of communist rule, free access to information through the printed word is still lacking.


Economic Growth and Income Generation

Agronomic Aid Since 2009: Mercy-USA for Aid and Development, with support from a local milling company Miell Tirana, is assisting wheat farmers in Albania and Kosovo.


Seasonal Food Aid

Mercy-USA periodically provides food and other essential items to Albanian families in need during Ramadan and Eid Al Adha, as well as at times of emergency or natural disasters.


Your gift will provide
life-saving relief to children and their families.


of Donations Go to the Actual Cause

Mercy-USA is proud to be among the most effective and efficient not-for-profit agencies worldwide. We back up that bold statement with our facts and figures, all of which are made transparent and available for your viewing at all times.

Only 3% of finances are dedicated to fundraising and administrative use. That means that the overwhelming majority of donations from generous individuals and institutions go directly to helping actual causes, on a global scale. With 97% of finances directly and positively impacting those in need, there is no better way to value each dollar. For instant and immediate emergency relief, along with long-term sustainability efforts, Mercy-USA effectively and efficiently provides help and care, worldwide.