Participant in CFC, Combined Federal Campaign

Mercy-USA is a Participant in Combined Federal Campaign

Member of InterAction

Mercy-USA is a member of the American Council for Voluntary International Action (InterAction).


Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is a registered PVO (Private Voluntary Organization) with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

United Nations

Mercy-USA has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Independent Charities of America

An IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit association of America’s best charities. Its purpose is to represent charities that meet the highest standards of public accountability and program effectiveness and to facilitate gifts to those charities from contributors in fund drives conducted at work and on the web.

Charity Without Borders (CWB)

A federation of America’s finest national organizations working to ease suffering of people affected by war, natural disaster, famine and epidemic illnesses.



InterAction has more than 180 member organizations working in every developing country. InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S. – based international NGOs.


The independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, and program and cost effectiveness. These standards include those required by the US Government for inclusion in the combined Federal Campaign, probably the most exclusive fund drive in the world. Of the 1,000,000 charities operating in the US today, it is estimated that fewer than 50,000, or 5 percent, meet or exceed these standards, and, of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this Seal.

GUIDESTAR Silver-level GuideStar Exchange participant

Connects people and organizations with information on the programs and finances of more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofits. Donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, government officials, academic researchers, and journalists all rely on GuideStar for trusted information about the nation’s nonprofits.


America’s premier independent charity evaluator. They help charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing in-depth, objective ratings and analysis of the financial health and accountability & transparency of America’s largest charities.