Earthquake Recovery Gift Cards for Surviving Families

Since February 6, when the fated powerful earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, millions of lives have been devastated. Over 50,000 are confirmed dead and millions more have lost everything they owned. This region will likely spend many years recovering from the damage.

As we meet survivors to help them with urgent needs  like food, blankets and water–one thing becomes very clear–there is no “one-size-fits-all” recovery solution. Some families have lost everything, down to a change of clothes and shoes. Others have moved in with relatives and need extra sleeping mattresses and blankets. Another family may have lost their mobile phone and desperately need a way to communicate with work, family and friends. So, Mercy-USA is doing what’s most needed for these earthquake survivors…we’re giving families the ability to purchase what their family needs and not distribute what we think they should have.




















The earthquakes have created a complicated and diverse set of needs for those who survived a damaged or collapsed building. This Ramadan, Mercy-USA is distributing earthquake recovery gift cards worth $250. This way, families can purchase what they need from local stores based on their own unique circumstances. Mercy–USA Earthquake Recovery Gift Cards will allow families to visit a retailer and make a purchase with dignity.

Mercy-USA believes in helping families in need by listening to their needs first and then being of service in the best way possible.