mercy-usa is on the ground in Turkey and syria delivering food and water now!

Measuring 7.8  on the Richter scale, first earthquake struck at 4:17 am while most were sleeping. Just nine hours later, a second 7.5 magnitude quake hit.  Buildings have been flattened in Turkey and in Syria, causing a death toll that is climbing by the hour. More than 50,000  people have died. 

Mercy-USA has relief coordination offices in Antakya, Turkey and implementing relief staff in northern Syria. These are some of the hardest hit areas affected by these devastating quakes so we’re able to get to work immediately. Our teams have mobilized  to help aid survivors. We need your help to rush needed supplies to both regions as soon as humanly possible. 

  • FOOD (ready to eat meals and bread)


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CNN: ‘It’s destroying me’: Syrian Americans haunted by earthquake devastation plea for world’s help



Honoring the lives of Mercy-USA team members who were lost in Turkey.

Mercy-USA team members around the world consider themselves part of a big family and the loss of any of us is felt deeply by our entire worldwide team.
Tragically, the earthquake claimed the lives of three of our teammates and their young families in Turkey. We are devastated by their loss and they will be dearly missed and remembered.











Mercy-USA staff, Ghaiyth’s Story


Mercy-USA’s teams in Turkey and Syria are also suffering from this earthquake disaster.
Mercy-USA logistics officer, Ghaiyth in Antakya, Turkey lived here  with his wife, two daughters, (ages 5 and 7) and 6-month-old baby boy.
The earthquake struck and their building collapsed around them. Ghaiyth was able to climb out of the rubble and then pull the baby out. He could hear his wife calling to him through the broken walls and debris. He was able to make a hole in the wall that separated them so they would have air to breathe. Ghaiyth then left to put his baby in the care of a Mercy-USA colleague’s family and quickly returned to dig the rest of his family out. He’s still at the site trying to save them. Please pray for Ghaiyth and his family.UPDATE! Ghaiyth’s family has been successfully rescued! Finally, heavy equipment was brought in and his wife and daughters were extracted from the rubble. The little girls are recovering in one hospital with minor injuries, however, Ghaiyth’s wife was seriously injured and has been taken to a separate hospital. Please continue to pray for this family to be reunited soon!