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In the early 1990’s Albania emerged from decades of communist rule and established a multiparty democracy; since then the nation has been struggling to transition to a more modern open-market economy. Agriculture accounts for not quite 50% of the nation’s employment but only contributes to 20% of GDP due to antiquated farming methods and infrastructure. […]

Computer Training, English Instruction & Mentorship

Since January 2009, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has been providing three-month computer office software and English language training courses to orphans in Albania. In addition to the technical training these orphans receive, they are mentored by caring Mercy-USA staff members who teach essential life skills that will serve the students as they enter adulthood. […]

“Read to Succeed!”

As Albania emerges from the legacy of communist rule, free access to information through the printed word is still lacking. Since 2011, Mercy-USA has been assisting schools in Albania to open or expand libraries. During the 2014-15 school year, a total of 12 elementary, middle and high schools were provided with over 4,600 new books […]

Economic Growth and Income Generation

Agronomic Aid Since 2009, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development, with support from a local milling company Miell Tirana, is assisting wheat farmers in Albania and Kosovo. The farmers are provided with seed and fertilizer, as well as technical training and business and marketing skills. Turning Sustenance Farming into Profitable Farming with Micro-Financing In 1996, Mercy-USA […]

Food and Shelter

Mercy-USA periodically provides food and other essential items to Albanian families in need during Ramadan and Eid Al Adha, as well as times of emergency or natural disasters. Please give what you can today to help deserving Albanian families. Your generous charitable gift supports Mercy-USA’s work in Albania. Give securely online,  or call to use your […]

Highlights of Completed Projects

Mercy-USA has been working in Albania for more than a decade. In addition to our current projects, since the year 2000, we’ve been helping disadvantaged youth through better nutrition, health and hygiene projects, as well as education initiatives and vocational programs. We’ve been training small farmers to improve their yields with the latest farming technologies. […]