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Mercy-USA Opens New Primary Health Clinic in Idlib, Syria

Despite severe security risks, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is committed to bringing healthcare to the most vulnerable in Idlib, Syria. After multiple bombings and relocations, our Aleppo health clinic was forced to close in December, 2016 when the city fell and thousands, including our own field staff, had to flee to other parts of […]

Aleppo Field Team Manager Chronicles Her Life Under Siege

Zein alSham has worked for Mercy-USA tirelessly and with extreme passion and concern for the most needy families in Aleppo. Despite being asked to evacuate last summer, Zein stayed behind with three of our other team leaders to make sure our humanitarian aid projects would be implemented to the desperate families. The worst happened and […]

For immediate release: Mercy-USA Response to Aleppo Crisis and Aftermath

UPDATE: JANUARY 17, 2017—All four Mercy-USA field team leaders with their families have been evacuated from E. Aleppo. Mercy-USA is grateful to know of their relative safety.  Mercy-USA for Aid and Development has been providing humanitarian food and medical relief to Syrian families inside the country since 2012. Plymouth, Michigan, December 15, 2016—While the world […]

Stoves & Fuel for Syrian Children and Their Families

With the help of the United Nations and our donors, Mercy-USA is distributing stoves and eco-friendly fuel to warm the homes of at least 35,000 vulnerable people in Syria this winter. Tens of thousands of Syrians have been displaced from their homes in northern Syria from cities like Hama and Aleppo. They are living in […]

Urgent Emergency Relief for Aleppo, Syria

UPDATE DECEMBER 7, 2016 70% of Aleppo has fallen to Regime control including the neighborhood where Mercy-USA has its office and health clinic. During the weekend of December 3rd, 2016 our four remaining field team members attempted to distribute our last food baskets and emergency rations to families but before all could be distributed, the […]

Mother and Child Health Clinic in Aleppo, Syria

UPDATE: March 18, 2017: The Mercy-USA Mother and Child Health Clinic was forced to close. However up until the last day before the fall of East Aleppo we kept the clinic open and served the needs of anyone who came to us. Toward the end of the siege, our brave staff distributed infant formula to malnourished babies, […]