Adult Continuing Education and Training

Computer Skills Training: Since 1998, Mercy-USA has been providing training to unemployed, or underemployed men and women in current, and in-demand office software. This training gives the participants the office, clerical and computer skills needed to compete for gainful employment and contributes to much needed stability for families and communities.

About 3,000 persons have graduated from this program which includes training in job-search skills.


Intensive English Courses: Since 2004, Mercy-USA has offered two-month intensive English language courses in Srebrenik Municipality in northeastern Bosnia. English is a valuable trade skill in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with this basic language ability combined with the latest office software skills graduates of Mercy-USA’s Continuing Adult Skills Training are finding gainful employment and making contributions to rebuilding a war-torn society still struggling to rebound.
Job Hunting Skills Training: Since 2007, Mercy-USA has offered graduates of our computer and English courses training in job search skills. Participants are taught proper techniques for developing a resume, job hunting and interviewing skills. By providing practical skills training, Mercy-USA is helping people help themselves with dignity. Your charitable contribution will help continue this valuable work.