Health Services for Syrian Refugees and Host Families


According to a recent survey by the UN Refugee Agency and World Food Program, three-quarters of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon live on less than $4 US dollars a day.  Prior to launching our efforts inside Syria, Mercy-USA had been assisting Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon since June 2011. Currently, Mercy-USA is assisting refugees in Wadi Khalid an already impoverished area of Lebanon bordering Syria. This region, now reeling with an influx of thousands of Syrian refugees, lacks modern or adequate medical services, and the refugee crisis has strained the health service infrastructure beyond its capacity.  Mercy-USA is addressing this serious threat to the health and well-being of these refugees and their host communities.  Since February 2012, Mercy-USA has supported a mobile medical unit that travels four days per week to villages in Wadi Khalid where local families are hosting Syrian refugees. This modern mobile clinic provides disease-preventing vaccines, pre- and post-natal care, and regular medical exams.

UPDATE: The Mercy-USA Mobile Medical Unit is screening patients for COVID-19 and providing soap, counseling and information on how to prevent the spread of the virus within these health-compromised communities.

While no cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the Wadi Khalid area to date, we are taking the appropriate precautions by requiring physical distancing by the patients, scanning each person for fever before admitting them into the mobile medical unit, as well has requiring hand sanitizing.

Our mobile unit is being thoroughly disinfected before the beginning of each day and at the end of the day, and all surfaces are being sanitized after each patient.

People with COVID-19 symptoms will be referred to a primary care health center in the area and if the virus is confirmed, the patient will be referred to the only available governmental hospital in Beirut treating COVID-19.

We are providing medical equipment to the government hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon.