Winter Heat for Syria

Another Syrian winter in a tent…
Will you answer their call for help to survive?

For the fourth year in a row, we’re bringing environmentally friendly fuel to thousands of Syrians trying to survive the winter in desperate, non-insulated tent homes…

Winters are miserable in northern Syria…camps for internally displaced families sit on barren land with no shelter from the wind, driving rain, and snow, plus there’s mud everywhere—all winter long.

At least three million people are internally displaced in northern Syria. As the situation only worsens for these families, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is on the ground providing a special eco-fuel to heat substandard homes and tents for the fourth year in a row. Our teams on the ground in Syria are identifying the most vulnerable households who need help surviving this winter.

We need to bring thousands of people a winter’s worth of this special fuel so food can be cooked, water can be heated for washing and most importantly, so children can be kept safe and warm through freezing nights.

The bio-mass fuel we distribute is made from recycled olive oil production waste; pits and skins that would normally end up in a landfill are manufactured into a fuel brick that burns slowly at an efficiently high temperature.

With the help of our donors and the United Nations, we are giving thousands of families three months of Prina, an eco-friendly fuel. We need your help to make this happen.

  • Your gift of $125 will provide 2,000 pounds  of eco-friendly fuel to last the entire winter.
  • Your gift of $110 will feed a family of six for one month.

Please donate today to keep a family in Syria alive and warm this winter.