Keep Children Warm in Syria

With your help Mercy-USA is providing protection from the cold for children and their families in Syria.

After 9 years of war, Syrian families are exhausted and losing hope. To make things worse, Covid-19 has begun spreading through the camps. According to humanitarian reports, 74% of people in northwest Syria reported that winter items are unaffordable. The same assessment showed that more than 50% of internally displaced people live in tents, while another 46% are in unfinished, abandoned or damaged buildings. Beaten down by so much hardship, the corona virus hardly registers as a major concern for Syrian parents when their children are freezing and hungry.

We can’t let them fight this battle alone!

Mercy-USA is distributing vouchers for local shops, so needy families can get new winter clothes and footwear for their children. We’re also distributing heavy-duty plastic sheeting for floors and tops of tent homes to keep the rain and snow out.

Your end of the year donation to Mercy-USA can provide help to families who have recently fled their homes with nothing to stay warm this winter!

• $60 for a Winter Tent Protection Kit

• $115 for a Winter Clothing Kit to outfit kids from needy families

• $120 feeds a family for a month