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Donate Your Qurbani/Udhia

Your gift to Mercy-USA for Aid and Development allows us to have an Eid Qurbani/Udhia performed for you and distributed to those in extreme need—the thousands of hungry children and their families around the world.

Gaza Crisis

According to multiple sources on January 28, 2024, at least 26,400 Palestinians had been killed in the Gaza Strip since October, 7th. At least 10,000 of those killed were children.


Homes for Families in Syria

Nearly 3 million people are displaced in Syria. They are living on the dirt in crowded camps in tents.


Safe Access to Clean Water in Somalia

Climate change has increased the severity of droughts and floods plaguing this once fertile land. Families thrived on herding livestock and farming that kept their children nourished and growing.

Lebanon is in Crisis

The financial crisis in Lebanon is spiralling out of control. The country’s currency has lost 90% of its value, and prices for basics like food and fuel have reached all time highs.


Emergency Food Aid for Yemen

On September 21, 2022 the United Nations called Yemen a “hunger hotspot”. War in Yemen and the war in Ukraine have caused acute food insecurity in Yemen and it’s only getting worse. 



of Donations Go to the Actual Cause

Mercy-USA is proud to be among the most effective and efficient not-for-profit agencies worldwide. We back up that bold statement with our facts and figures, all of which are made transparent and available for your viewing at all times.

Only 3% of finances are dedicated to fundraising and administrative use. That means that the overwhelming majority of donations from generous individuals and institutions go directly to helping actual causes, on a global scale. With 97% of finances directly and positively impacting those in need, there is no better way to value each dollar. For instant and immediate emergency relief, along with long-term sustainability efforts, Mercy-USA effectively and efficiently provides help and care, worldwide.